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Formation of the world's largest REE deposit through .

Bayan Obo located at the northern margin of the North China Craton () is the largest light rare earth element (LREE) deposit in the world (Supplementary Figure S1 and Table S1) the largest .

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1/2/2013· An example of this is at Bayan Obo where gravity separation has been employed between the rougher and cleaner flotation circuits to efficiently separate monazite and bastnäsite from the iron bearing and silicate gangue material Chi et al. 2001 Jiake and Xiangyong 1984.

Recovery Behavior of Rare Earth from Bayan Obo Complex Iron .

A novel process is presented for recovering rare earth from Bayan Obo complex iron ore. The iron ore was reduced and melting separated to produce iron nugget and rare-earth-rich slag.

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Bayan Obo is currently (2008) providing the majority of the world's lanthanides. Bayan Obo bastnäsite occurs in association with monazite (plus enough magnetite to sustain one of the largest steel mills in China) and unlike carbonatite bastnäsites is relatively closer to monazite lanthanide compositions with the exception of its generous 0 .

Control of Flotation Recovery using Regression Analysis

In the flotation step emphasis is placed on recovery whereas the washing step has as its objective the production of salable grade (in excess of 60 percent K2O equivalent) with recovery being important but secondary. If the process is arbitrarily divided into flotation and washing functions there are a number of variables involved.


GEOLOGIC AND TECTONIC SETTING. Bayan Obo is a stratabound ore deposit hosted by Proterozoic marble of the Bayan Obo Group. The regional distributions of the Proterozoic Bayan Obo Group the Archean metamorphic rocks of the Wutai Group which unconformably underlies the Bayan Obo Group and granitic rocks of Archean Caledonian (early to late Paleozoic) and Hercynian (Permian) ages in the .

A novel approach for recovery of rare earths and niobium from .

A novel process for recovering iron niobium and scandium from Bayan Obo tailings has been developed. In this paper the treatment of Bayan Obo tailings by Ca(OH)2-coal roasting and sulfuric acid .

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Beneficiation studies ofplex REE ore ScienceDirect Feb 01 2015· Currently flotation is still the most important beneficiation method used to recover bastnaesite monazite xenotime parisite world biggest flotation beneficiation

US4192738A - Process for scavenging iron from tailings .

There is also disclosed a process for increasing the recovery of iron ore in a flotation beneficiation process. This iron ore recovery process includes the steps of feeding the magnetic concentrate produced by the scavenging process to a flotation system and then carrying out an additional flotation step.

Coupling relationship between multicomponent recovery of rare .

Metall Mater Trans B Process Metall Mater Process Sci. 2006;37(2):155. Article Google Scholar [5] Yu XL Bai L Wang QC Liu J. Recovery of rare earths niobium and thorium from the tailings of giant Bayan Obo Ore in China. Metall Mater Trans B Process Metall Mater Process Sci. 2012;43(3):485.

Rare Earth Flotation Fundamentals: A Review

Bastnasite Flotation As the primary rare earth mineral at two of the world’s largest rare earth mines (Mountain Pass CA and Bayan Obo China) bastnasite has been the main focus of rare earth flotation research for some time.

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Basic process data for Bayan Obo are collected from the literature and are validated in a sound evaluation by experts from RWTH Aachen University. Data for tailings and sludge treatment are obtained as described in Section 3.1.4 and Section 3.2.4. It must be pointed out that RE production in Bayan Obo has been optimized for several years.

The Production of Critical Materials as By Products

The primary product of Bayan Obo is iron ore but Bayan Obo also produces much of the world’s REEs as a by product. In 2009 Bayan Obo produced 55000 metric tons of rare earth oxides (REO) [11]. Bayan Obo produced more REEs than any other mine in the world. The primary processing of the REEs at Bayan Obo is by flotation and gravity separation.

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Bastnaesite CeFCO 3 and monazite CePO 4 are the main minerals exploited in the production of Rare Earth Elements (REEs) [ 1 2 ]. These minerals are usually recovered from ore using direct flotation as is the case at the Bayan Obo and Weishan mines in China and the Mount Weld mine in Australia [ 3 ].

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bf flotation separator for ore in china. Environmental Impacts of Rare Earth Mining and Separation MDPI. Oct 27 2016 B.F. Bayan Obo as the largest REE deposit in China is considered as the reference system. .. flotation cell the ore is enriched from 0.59 TREO to 2.69 TREO in the concentrate.

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For artificial mixed minerals flotation experiments the mass ratio of apatite and dolomite mineral was 11 for binary mixture The flotation process was the same as single mineral tests After the flotation process the concentrates and tailings were assayed for P and Ca The recovery of . Read More

Metal Ion Release in Bastnaesite Flotation System and .

Ca2+ Mg2+ Sr2+ and Fe3+ were found to be commonly released into bastnaesite flotation pulp from minerals with relatively high concentrations. The influence and corresponding mechanism of Ca2+ Mg2+ Sr2+ Fe3+ and Al3+ on bastnaesite flotation have been studied by micro flotation tests induction time measurements adsorption measurements and solution chemistry analysis. It was found that .

Extraction of Niobium from the Bayan Obo Tailings by .

Extraction of Niobium from the Bayan Obo Tailings by “Flotation—Microwave Magnetic Roasting—Magnetic Separation” p.823 Mechanism and Experimental Investigation on Silicon Wafer Hybrid Polishing by Ultrasonic-Elliptic-Vibration Chemical-Mechanical

Mechanism of phthalic acid collector in flotation separation .

As a collector of Bayan Obo fluorite flotation phthalic acid is superior to oleic acid in collecting selectivity. The flotation experiment shows that the ratio of fluorite and rare earth recovery was 3.9:1 with phthalic acid used as collector which was higher than that of 1.5:1 with oleic acid used as collector under the same conditions.

The Production of Critical Materials as By Products .

The primary processing of the REEs at Bayan Obo is by flotation and gravity separation. First the ore is crushed and ground to a specified size. The magnetic components of the ore are then separated out and the material is sent to flotation.

Frontiers | Life-Cycle Assessment of the Production of Rare .

For the mining process it argues that the REE ore mining in Bayan Obo is equivalent to regular open pit iron ore mining and the default Ecoinvent process of iron ore mining was adopted. The REO concentration in the ores is assumed to be 4.1% which is more realistic than the 6.0% used in Ecoinvent.

ProduProduction Process and ction Process and ction Process .

process. Principally flotation reagents can be classified into: collectors frothers regulators and depressants. The most important reagent is collector. Two collectors fatty acids and hydroxamates are most widely applied in the rare earth flotation process. The largest deposit is the Bayan Obo iron-niobium-REEs deposit.

Preconcentration of Iron Rare Earth and Fluorite from Bayan .

Nowadays iron rare earth and fluorite have been practically recovered from Bayan Obo mine with a conventional magnetic separation–flotation continuous process [ 4 7 ].

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