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uses and application fields of lead

6 Industrial Uses of Lead Its Extraction and Properties .

Lead is used for roofing for making water and gas pipes and for sheathing cables because of its resistance to corrosion its flexibility low melting point and cheapness.

A Brief History of Lead Properties Uses and Characteristics

Lead alloys are still used in some bullets and due to the metal's low melting point in metal solders. Lead glass has special applications in camera lenses and optical instruments while lead crystal which contains up to 36 percent lead is used to create decorative pieces.

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Lead has many other applications the largest of which is in the manufacture of storage batteries. It is used in ammunition (shot and bullets) and as a constituent of solder type metal bearing alloys fusible alloys and pewter.

Uses of Lead Applications and Properties

Lead Sheet is used in the building industry for flashings or weathering to prevent water penetration & for roofing and cladding. By virtue of its resistance to chemical corrosion Lead Sheet also finds use for the lining of chemical treatment baths acid plants and storage vessels.

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Lead is widely used in batteries cable sheaths machinery manufacturing shipbuilding light industry lead oxide radiation protection and other industries.

The Amazing Uses of Lead That Make it a Versatile Metal .

Apart from the above there are also other miscellaneous uses of lead. Some of the other beneficial uses for lead have been listed below. Lead is also used for the lining of chemical treatment baths acid plants and storage vessels. It is utilized to form glazing bars for stained glass or other multi-lit windows.

Lead (Pb) - Properties Applications

Lead can be formed into many useful compounds. Some are listed below with their specific application areas: Lead monoxide - to make some types of glass and as a paint pigment; Lead dioxide - In lead-acid storage batteries; Trilead tetraoxide - to make a reddish-brown paint that is designed to prevent rust on outdoor steel structures

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