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equipment grinding equipment for replica test

Replica Test Kit | Chris-Marine

Replica Test Kit Monitoring your cylinder liners’ health is an important part of minimizing costs and downtime. Cylinder condition monitoring through liner wear measurements and camera pictures of liner and piston rings is greatly improved when simultaneously taking a replica sample of the running surface through the scavenge air port.


4. Eddy current test equipment 5. Coating thickness gauge 6. Penetrant testing 7. Universal hardness tester 8. Replica Metallographic Equipment A PNRA task force comprising officers of CNS and SNRS was established to make the equipment functional. This report is submitted after completion of self training on the Replica Metallographic

Metallography - testing equipment with proven QATM quality

In contrast to manual grinding & polishing in the case of automatic grinding the sample is fixed in a sample holder and pressed onto the grinding medium (grinding paper grinding wheel etc.) with a grinding & polishing head (“Rubin“). The grinding/polishing medium actually sits on top of a working wheel.

Field Metallography By: Dr. E. Mogire

Replica examination Replica examination is generally carried out using an optical microscope such as Nikon LV 150 upright microscope using bright field illumination. Typical magnifications range used ranges between 50 to 1000 magnifications at the eyepiece.

Replica investigation – METALogic

Replica investigation is the most appropriate inspection technique to follow up creep (changes in structure). Preparation is done by removing the coating or paint layer over a surface of about 10 x 10cm. Thereafter the surface is treated by grinding and polishing until a mirror finish.

Metallography and Replica Testing | WO | TÜV Rheinland

Damage Assessment and Materials Testing with Metallography and Replica Testing For construction and operation of a plant a technical facility or equipment the characteristics and quality of the materials used play an important role and need to be taken into account.

3D Replication System |

Replication system for non-destructive testing of a microstructure or a 3D structure. Fast curing two-part silicon rubber compound for flexible high resolution 3D replicas. For the 50 ml system the hand-operated dispensing gun and the static mixing nozzles are used in combination with the 50 ml cartridges.

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