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Chinese Miners on the Palmer

Gold was discovered on the Palmer River in the far north of Queensland in 1872 by WiUiam Hann but it was not until payable quantities were found by James Venture Mulligan in the following year did a rush follow. This remote river in Cape York Peninsula yielded over a million ounces of extremely fine rich alluvial gold


Hann and his companions completed the packing and travelled 8 miles down the river making their Camp for the night on a large sandy creek which they had already prospected. This creek was the North Palmer River which afterwards proved very rich in alluvial gold. Gold was found in the North Palmer on the following morning l6th August.

Palmer River Goldfields - Cape York Australia

Only an historical site today in the days of Palmer River gold rush this goldfield was the centre of activity of the whole Cape York peninsula. Not only that it was the richest alluvial goldfield in Australia and the reason why Cooktown was established - it started out as a port town for the gold from Palmer River.

Palmer River - Queensland Minerals - A Gold Development Company

Tenement map. The Dog Leg Creek Mining Leases cover an area of 220Ha and The Three EPM's encompass a total area of 41 sub blocks (over 5000Ha) all located in the rich Palmer River Goldfields in far north Queensland.

About | Palmer Goldfield Resources Reserve | Parks and .

Following the discovery of payable alluvial gold on the Palmer River in 1873 would-be diggers flocked to the field in search of their fortunes. Within two years an estimated 9000 people had arrived on the Palmer a mecca for European and Chinese miners. Read more about the culture and history of Palmer Goldfield Resources Reserve.

Palmer Goldfield Mining Landscape | Environment land and .

The complexes contain a range of reef mining equipment Chinese market gardens domestic and commercial sites; stone pitching and dams created by alluvial mining activities; and burial sites. Gold was discovered on the Palmer River in 1872 on the first European expedition to far north Queensland. Following a rush to the area the Palmer .

Palmer River | Queensland Places

They reported finding traces of gold on the Palmer River and the following year James Mulligan an experienced prospector confirmed plentiful alluvial gold. A rush began with prospectors overlanding form the Etheridge goldfield or from the Endeavour River inlet where Cooktown had sprung up in a few months.

Palmer River Goldfields | Isolation Desolation and Hardship

James Venture Mulligan lead a group through here in 1873 searching for possible goldfields. He discovered alluvial gold and returned to civilisation with over 100 ounces of alluvial gold. The gold rush was on! A port was hastily arranged at the location where Captain Cook had repaired his severely damaged ship in 1770 now called Cooktown .


Palmer gold is known as some of the purest natural gold in the world and assays at 97-98% gold. Granted Alluvial Leases and surrounding Exploration Permit areas have hard rock potential.

# GMSA56 PALMER RIVER GOLD MINE Alluvial Gold . $ 4 500 000 .

Services Company Brisbane project company with an history of successful mining have been appointed to acheive produuction forecasts.The three leases 168.71 hectares are at the Dog Leg Creek Palmer River of alluvial gold to be mined. Lease Mining Leases are held with goverment approvals on the land to be mined.

Palmer Goldfield Resources Reserve map

alluvial workings Charcoal burners ville Road North Palmer River camping area— upper section North Palmer River camping area— lower section To Chillagoe via Palmerville Louisa Mine Queen of the North Mine N o r t h P a l m e r R i v e r B u t c h e r s C r e e k B utcher s C r e e k To Peninsula Development Road N o r t h d P a l m e r R i .

Palmer River Gold Company Dredge - Wikipedia

Palmer River Gold Company Dredge is a heritage-listed dredge on the Palmer River at Strathleven Palmer Shire of Cook Queensland Australia. It was built from 1930 to c. 1935. It was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 17 June 2003.

Ah Toy's Garden: A Chinese Market-Garden on the Palmer River .

four-week expedition to investigate aspects of the Palmer River goldfield economy. The wealth of equipment remaining on European reef-mining sites took up half the available time and will be the subject of a separate monograph; the other area investigated archaeologically was a Chinese market-garden and alluvial gold-mining site in the

Palmer River Gold and REE Project For Sale

The Palmer river gold field which hosts the project has had a long history of gold discovery and mining dating back to 1873. Between 1873 & 1879 the Palmer River Goldfield was Australia's richest alluvial field ever discovered yielding some one million ounces of gold and by 1907 had produced 1323735 ounces of gold.

The Palmer River Gold Rush – Stories of Oz

Throw it all in a pressure-cooker of Cape York heat and you’ve got the Palmer River Gold Rush. In 1872 two brothers from Victoria William and Frank Hann along with a botanist a geologist and others travelled north on a Queensland Government sponsored expedition to investigate the country “North to the 14th Parallel”.

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Trident Mining and Marine Service Pty Ltd Brisbane the contracted company with a history of successful mining projects have been appointed to achieve forecast well. The three leases 166.71 hectares are a the Dog Leg Creek Palmer River of alluvial gold to be mined. Lease: Mining Leases are held with government approvals on the land to be .

Palmer River Alluvial Goldfield Cook Shire Queensland .

Palmer River Alluvial Goldfield Cook Shire Queensland Australia : Located approximately 110 miles (180km) WNW of Cairns. Alluvial gold deposits between Fish Creek Junction and Byerstown.

The Palmer Goldfield

1872 reported traces of gold in the bed of a river which he named Palmer after the Colonial Secretary of the day.5 The following year James Venture Mulligan's party reported that payable gold could be found on the Palmer and the rush was on.6 The Palmer Goldfields proved to be an alluvial field of Fig. 1: Location ofthe Palmer Goldfield .

The Palmer River Goldfield - [email protected]

Alluvial gold discovered on the Palmer River sparked off a tremendous population movement from 1873 to an area which initially had no existing infrastructure. Unprecedented as this was it was further complicated by the arrival of Chinese who by 1877 made up 90 percent of the total population of 19500.

Palmer River Goldfields - Hema Maps

Gold Gold Gold The Palmer River Goldfield was the largest and best producing alluvial goldfield in Australia and it isn’t a stretch to say that this field was essentially responsible for the growth of places like Cooktown Port Douglas and Cairns.


In the historic account of mining in the Palmer River goldfields including the watersheds of McGann’s and Kennedy’s the following excerpt makes interesting reading– in 1874 an estimated 10000 men busily working the rich alluvial gravel the Palmer River recorded production of between 1-2 million ounces of gold from 1878 through to the .

Remnants of a Golden Era — Palmer River Goldfield 1986

mighty Palmer played host to the ensuing "gold-rush" that was to see an infiltration of diggers into every creek gully and river bed on the field. Three aspects of the Palmer history gave rise to the visual artifacts that remain to-day. The first was the invasion by the European and Chinese diggers who formed the array of alluvial

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